Best Holiday Blog is a blog created by a regular individual who loves to travel (after reading and finding out everything about the travel destinations), in an attempt to help you choose the best holiday / vacation spots in the world, find the best deals and stay at the best hotels without spending fortunes.

My love for traveling started just a few years ago and after realizing that tourism agencies don’t offer me exactly what I need – and their information is usually biased, superficial and not well researched – which resulted in some less than perfect holidays. Therefore, I started to do the research myself and with the help of this amazing thing which is the Internet, I managed to have two nearly perfect vacations for me and my family.

Therefore, I have decided to start sharing with the world my passion about traveling and the results of all the research I do in my quest to find the best holiday spots at the best prices. Add to that things to do, trips on saving a bit more in your vacation and everything you can think of for a perfect vacation / holiday and you’ll have a pretty decent view of what the Best Holiday Blog is about.

Hopefully, you will find the information that I will post here useful and if I manage to help you at least a little in your quest to find the perfect vacation, then I am completely happy. And I will do my best to help!