Best Family Hotels in Lara, Antalya (Turkey)


When it comes to Antalya and Turkey in general, Lara is one of the most beautiful places you can visit, with its 5 star resorts challenging each other to be more and more spectacular, to offer and impress and make the tourist feel like a King or a Queen – and their kids like Princes or Princesses. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many places in Turkey and loved them all – from the beauty of the surroundings, to the amazing service I received in each hotel, but if I were to pick my favorite destination, that would be Lara.

Lara is a stone’s throw away from Antalya, it is luxuriant, it is impressive, it offers style and class – and all of these while also keeping the prices relatively low. So if you’re planning a 5-star, All Inclusive holiday or vacation to Lara, we’re here to help you choose the best hotels that will make your trip unforgettable. So read on to find out which are the best family hotels in Lara, Turkey – they’re not in any particular order, because they’re all just amazing and difficult to choose one over the other.

Mardan Palace

mardan palace 01
Beautiful overview of this luxuriant resort
mardan palace 02
The main pool area
mardan palace 03
The rooms are absolutely stunning!
mardan palace 04
One of my favorite restaurants
mardan palace 05
This is how Paradise should look like!

A few years ago, I wrote an article about Mardan Palace here and all the words of praise I had for this amazing hotel still stand today. Numbers are not as impressive as images above are, but they have to be said: the costs of building this amazing resort in Antalya were $1.4 billion! The hotel has the Mediterranean’s largest swimming pool, a sunken aquarium containing 2,400 fish and a private beach built from sand imported from Egypt. Celebrities have been here (Mariah Carey, Kendall Jenner, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton and so on) and if you visit, you will feel absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty and quality of the services offered here.

Although this is not a hotel that is directly aimed at families with younger kids, I still consider it an amazing family hotel. They have a dedicated kids pool for the young guests to enjoy, a kid’s gym and a kid’s club filled with goodies they will enjoy. They also offer kindergarten services and babysitters for one-on-one care. Teenagers also have similar facilities, with a club, cinema, spa and entertainment focused on their age group.

With nine restaurants (including the amazing aquarium restaurant that has you surrounded by marine life) and various bars, including a wine cellar and vitamin bar, Mardan Palace offers luxury, delightment and is the perfect place for a truly memorable experience. You will LOVE this place, so if you’re planning to visit Turkey with your family or alone, Mardan Palace should be a top priority. Click here to check out the best rates for your dates and book a room ASAP!

Limak Lara De Luxe

limak lara 01
View from one of the hotel’s rooms
limak lara 02
The water slides that both adults and kids enjoy
limak lara 03
A huge deluxe room with a private Jacuzzi
limak lara 04
One of the hotel’s restaurants
limak lara 05
You will eat amazing food here!
limak lara 06
Activities that keep the kids entertained

This is another All Inclusive resort in Lara, Antalya that’s made to impress and also one that guarantees complete satisfaction for both you and your kids. Unlike Mardan Palace, this one is clearly made with a focus on offering families a great time and kids will enjoy it greatly. There are special activities for kids, a dedicated team that’s always with them, as well as an amazing waterpark with slides that kids will love. Here are some of the activities dedicated exclusively to kids in the 2015 season:

Adults will have an amazing time in Limak Lara De Luxe as well. The hotel is built to deliver the highest quality in all areas and it looks absolutely amazing, my favorite being the garden/pool area which is simply breathtaking. There are seven restaurants where you can eat the most delicious food you have ever tasted (there are a la carte restaurants as well) and six bars for the most sophisticated cocktails and drinks you have ever tried. There are activities all day long, with shows and goodies for the guests and you won’t get bored at all even if you don’t leave the resort during your stay. The private beach area is absolutely brilliant as well with everything you need at hand (daily towels, toilets, bar, watersports, changing rooms, fridges filled with free drinks and so on), while the rooms are spacious, clean and simply beautiful. I’ve been there with friends and never heard anybody having even the smallest complaint about this absolutely amazing resort. If you want to see more photos and book your stay at the cheapest price, click here and prepare for a holiday you will enjoy greatly!

Titanic Beach

titanic beach 01
The jaw-dropping architecture of the hotel
titanic beach 02
The rooms are beautiful and the sea view is amazing!
titanic beach 03
Restaurants are classy and offer the most delicious food you’ll ever eat!
titanic beach 04
Water slides for grown-ups and kids to enjoy
titanic beach 05
The kids club

Occupying an area of 95,000 square meters (over 1 million square feet), this is an absolutely impressive resort for the entire family despite its somewhat macabre name. However, both adults and kids alike will surely enjoy its design and architecture and its entire theme that is inspired by the Titanic. The hotel itself is shaped as a ship, there is an amazing ship that spawns water slides and offers a great place for entertainment and you will surely feel like a celebrity once you arrive here.

There are five restaurants in this resort, including a la carte restaurants and in the main restaurant you can find the “Poppet Railway” – the area designed specifically for kids. The food there is absolutely amazing, focusing on different concepts and traditions – you will really feel satisfied! And so will the kids – apart from the water slides they will surely love, there is also a club designed specifically for children aged 4-12, with various activities and shows and celebrations. You have here all the facilities you can wish for and something extra! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, the rooms are bright and clean and the experience will surely be unforgettable. You have to consider this place for your family’s vacation, so click here to find what the best rates are for your date and check out more photos!

Royal Holiday Palace

royal holiday 01
Luxuriant and breathtaking!
royal holiday 02
The rooms are large and indeed beautiful
royal holiday 03
Prepare to get back home with a few extra pounds thanks to the delicious foods on offer
royal holiday 04
The water slides will keep you entertained
royal holiday 05
Beautiful view of what this great hotel has to offer

Winner of numerous awards, including prestigious Blue Flag awards, as well as Trip Advisor, Zoover and Thomas Cook awards, this impressive resort will simply blow you away and deliver unforgettable experiences during your stay, as well as keep you and your entertained. Part of the reason why I am saying that is the it has a mini fun-fair, with a mini Ferris Wheel, Gondol, Swing and a few others – all providing great entertainment options for adults and kids. They also have an aqua park (4 slides for adults and 3 for kids) as well as an extremely impressive outdoor pool area. There’s also a kid’s club with various activities for the little ones an a wide array of activities.

Offering a combined total of nine restaurants (including a Kid’s restaurant, a la carte restaurant and a patisserie), as well as an impressive 11 bars, this resort will make sure that you’re always close to eating or drinking your favorite foods or something new and unforgettable. Even the standard rooms are large and impressive and the entire resort is made to impress, just like most hotels in Turkey. I had a great stay here and I fell in love with the pool – and I am sure you will too, in the end getting to love the long bridge that crosses that amazing pool. Click here to book your stay at the best prices for your dates and also check out more details and photos!

Barut Hotel Lara

barut lara 01
A huge pool awaits
barut lara 02
Rooms are large and the sea view ones are truly spectacular
barut lara 03
One of the beautiful themed a la carte restaurants
barut lara 04
The beach area is awesome
barut lara 05
The kids club

At the moment of writing this article, the Barut Hotel is ranked as the #1 hotel in Antalya on popular website TripAdvisor, based on over 2,200 reviews, so you can imagine the high quality of the resort! They even have the Bary Star concept that ensures that babies get a royal treatment as well. Everything’s been thought about and you will have an amazing holiday, guaranteed!

This luxury all inclusive resort offers an impressive selection of 12 restaurants (including a patisserie and a la carte restaurants) and six bars as well as a ton of activities for adults and kids. The kids, as I said, get royal treatment, with activities that you don’t normally see in other hotels in Turkey: DJ courses, Graffiti, Tournaments, Foam parties, slackline and much, much more.

Even though the architecture of the hotel itself is not as impressive as in the case of other resorts on this list, the quality of services and all they offer is of the highest standards and you will know how being in heaven feels like if you decide to pick Barut Hotel Lara as your next destination. So click here to check out the best prices and book your stay for your dates!

Saturn Palace

saturn palace 01
Get ready to be entertained!
saturn palace 02
Huge beds await for a good night’s sleep
saturn palace 03
Truly spectacular!

If the previous hotel was ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, this one is #2. Again a slightly atypical resort in Antalya, Saturn Palace is smaller but absolutely charming (and still huge with over 200 rooms)! It is a great choice for families or couples as it has a free funfair that keeps the spirits high, as well as waterslides and a ton of activities during the day, plus the regular themed entertainment at night.

It has 6 restaurants (one is a snack restaurant and 4 are a la carte), as well as five bars where you can taste delicious drinks and cocktails. There’s also a great mini club for kids to enjoy, while the rooms are spacious and nice, with the sandy beach being absolutely perfect. Even though the hotel itself doesn’t feel as luxuriant and impressive as others on the list, it’s definitely cheaper and the high quality of the services offered makes it deserve its spot on the list. So if you’d like to find out more about it or book your dates now, click here.

Delphin Imperial

delphin imperial 01
This resort is absolutely spectacular!
delphin imperial 02
Large, luxuriant rooms
delphin imperial 03
The Asian restaurant is a must visit
delphin imperial 04
The Kids Mini Club is breathtaking as well!

I personally believe that you can’t have a list of best hotels in Antalya without featuring one of the Dolphins: there are three Delphin hotels in Antalya only and I chose Delphin Imperial to be featured on our list, even though they’re mostly the same and offer the same high quality services. But I would personally go with this one!

“Imperial” is exactly the word that’s perfect to describe this hotel. Overwhelming and impressive, luxuriant and huge, this is a real gem of a resort that will make you feel like royalty. Operating under the motto “Everything you deserve,” Delphin Imperial offers 10 restaurants (one snack bar, one patisserie and 8 a la carte ones) as well as bars, including a stunning pool bar. There’s also a lot of kids to do, with a mini club and teenager club available, with all sorts of games and entertainment options, including an amusement park, water slides and special menus for kids. The bonus – or just one of them – is the impressive design of the Mini Club which is built like an ancient castle.

Delphin Imperial is truly spectacular and completely impressive – a perfect place for a perfect holiday. So click here to find out more about it and book your dates at the best price!

When it’s the best time to visit Lara, Tureky?

Now that you know what the best hotels in Lara, Antalya are, you are probably wondering when would it be best to visit. The truth about Turkey – and the Antalya region – is that it enjoys great weather all year long. This means that you can choose Lara as your destination as early as April or May and still have very good weather – warm but not hot. However, you will most likely find it very difficult to enjoy the sea, since the water will be very cold. But these resorts have amazing pools to make up for that!

I would, however, personally recommend to visit between June to September, when you can enjoy the best weather in Lara – you’re going there for the sun and the beautiful weather, and that’s what you’re going to get. October and even November are also good times – just like April and May, they are a bit colder but off season and you might still have a good time!

What month I’d choose? It has to be June because it’s early season and still not too warm, but if you have nothing against the heat, July and August are also great choices for your 5 star, all inclusive holiday in Lara at any of the great hotels recommended above.

I wish you an amazing holiday!


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