Best Ski Destinations in Romania


After talking about the best ski destinations in Hungary, it’s time to move down south to their neighbors for some even better ski resorts and ski slopes. Romania’s natural beauty really adds something to the whole skiing experience. I am going to share with you my experience of a couple of ski resorts that have made an impression on me – and probably the best ski destinations in Romania. And if you are to judge from the fact that Romania was the host of the European Youth Olympic Games in 2013, you have the proof that there are indeed some great destinations for those who love skiing!


sinaia ski

This was the first ski resort I visited. Sinaia is set in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains in the Bucegi National Park. At its highest elevation it reaches to 2000 m. This area is rugged, remote and has some of the best views in the country in my opinion. Peles Castle is situated close to the ski resort, which adds an almost fairy-tale feel to the place. Distance from Bucharest to the resort is 139 km; another option would be to take the train on the Bucharest to Brasov line.

Accommodation in the resort is plentiful. Prices range from 44 euros for 2 people for 2 nights at the 3 star Villa Sinaia 1929 (my choice) to 240 euros at the 4 star Apartment Ferdinad.

The resort caters for the beginner, medium, and experienced skier with its many different ski runs, including the demanding black runs for the very experienced skier. There are 3 ski schools in the resort, 4 ski lifts, and 3 Gondolas where prices are 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. There are two conflicting companies that operate the Gondolas and ski lifts and this is where the major drawback lies. You have to pay 27 euros to one and 34 euros to other, which comes to a whopping 61 euros for a day’s ski pass. This is one of the major negative points I found at this resort: it’s expensive to ski.

Having said that, the skiing is excellent and there was plenty of people there when I was, but the prices of the ski passes remains a major issue when considering this resort.

Poiana Brasov


The most modern ski resort in Romania, Poiana Brasov is a really high quality ski resort with artificial snow available if the natural one is not enough. With the longest ski slope in Romania (no less than 4.6 kilometers) and continued modernization, this is considered the best ski destination in Romania by many – and in 2013 it was the place where the Alpine Skiing section of the European Youth Olympics took place.

Accommodation is easy to find as there are a ton of options available, but the prices are pretty high too for Eastern Europe. However, the overall beauty of the place, the warmth of the Romanians as hosts and the beautiful slopes certainly worth every penny.


ski suior romania

This resort is situated in Maramure. Again the scenery is spectacular with its forest-strewn mountains, with a beautiful vista across the valley when the weather conditions are favourable. There are good road links from the major centres in the country, Bucharest being 573 km from the ski resort.

I stayed at the Pensiunea Casa Mea for 36 euros for a 2 night stay for 2 people. Prices rise to 226 euros for the same period and arrangement at the Cabana Rustic Pension. There is less accommodation to choose from at this resort, so I would advise some research on the Internet when you are planning your ski holiday here.

The resort has ski runs that would suit the beginner and medium level skier. There are only 2 ski lifts which charge 3 euros for adults and 1 euro for children. A one day ski pass will cost 36 euros for adults and 20 euros for children. Included in the price of the ski pass is a free meal at the resort restaurant, which is a real bonus after a hard day’s skiing. There is 1 ski school and facilities to hire ski equipment if you require it.

I really enjoyed my skiing in this resort for a few factors: I could find accommodation of a high standard within my budget. The price of the daily ski pass is also a major factor in giving this resort serious consideration. The best thing that I liked was the low key, uncomplicated layout of this resort. It’s really ideal for those beginning skiing but also offers the challenges for those at a more advanced level.

With 33 ski resorts to choose from in the country, anyone planning to come to Romania to ski has such a choice that it may be difficult to choose your preferred location the first time round, like I did. Both ski resorts I chose provide a memorable skiing experience in their own right but it really does depend on your budget whether you opt for Sinaia because of its expensive daily ski pass prices. I found the skiing to my liking in both locations and they offered me more than I needed for an enjoyable skiing holiday. One final point: throughout my stays in Romania I found friendly, hospitable Romanian people who made me feel very welcome in their country. Romania is definitely becoming a rising star in the market for those seeking excitement and good value for money from their skiing holidays.


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