Cheap Summer Holiday Destination: Romania

Mamaia beach

Romania is a slow rising country in terms of quality of services offered to tourists and for many, it is still an unwanted or unexplored destination for the summer holidays. However, Romania and their seaside is not such a bad choice as it might first seem as the country has improved its standards a lot over the past few years and even though they still might be sluggish in some areas, they are an extremely cheap holiday destination and a vacation there could offer great quality for money.

The cheapest way to visit Romania and their impressive seaside would by purchasing a holiday booking through a travel agency (especially if you manage to do it with a charter plane). However, Romania still remains a very cheap destination if you book your room by yourself. And you should expect to see a sandy beach like the following one for close to no money:

Mamaia beach

The flagship destination in Romania is Mamaia – this is the most luxuriant place to be and it offers the most entertainment and quality. But this also means that Mamaia is the most expensive. Therefore, you would have to pay around €265 for 7 nights during the season, but if you don’t want the glamour and you prefer the beach, there are better (much cheaper) options for you.

The Water Park in Mamaia


Costinesti is probably one of the cheapest destinations for a summer holiday in Romania and people usually stay in rented rooms or shacks there. Costinesti is known as the place where students go so expect a bit of anarchy there – so if you’re not into parties and loud music, maybe it would not be the best destination. If you like parties, then you will get a lot of them, really cheap:

The Costinesti Shipwreck, one of the attractions in the area

Vila Cristal for example would cost around €150 for 7 nights
Casa Blanca is around €200 for the same period, during the season

Eforie Nord

This is a good place for a more quiet holiday but if you don’t like kids, it might not be the best choice. Usually teachers with groups of young kids choose Eforie Nord as their destination. And you again have some really cheap options:

Beach at Eforie Nord

Villa Colonial has a rate of about €160 for 7 nights
Villa La Mer has a rate of around €180 for a 7 nights holiday


Neptun was once the most luxuriant destination for the summer holidays in Romania (together with Jupiter and Olimp) but nowadays it is no longer as popular. However, the beach is great and the prices are very low:

Clear water at Neptun

Hotel Traian: you only have to pay around €140 for 7 nights here
Villa Amazon: for €200 per 7 days you will be accepted in this great rustic villa

So basically, everything that is not Mamaia would be a great choice for a perfect holiday destination in Romania. As I said, the quality of the services has increased slowly over the years and now the standards are decent, especially if you’re not extremely picky when it comes to choosing your holiday and you are ready to accept a pretty basic room, but get some amazing beaches with clear waters in return.

So really, this year yous should consider a holiday in Romania, especially if you are on a tighter budget!

Oh, and I almost forgot: prepare to see a lot of ladies bathing in the sun (and water) without a bra. It’s common practice in Romania!


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