Guys: What to Wear During Your Winter Vacation


The winter season is a popular time to take a second vacation to get rid of stress, but what to wear? We’ve already talked about what girls should wear, but now it’s times to see what guys should wear during their winter vacation!

Most would think this is only a question a girl would ask themselves, but with the great men’s fashion lines now, many guys are asking themselves that same question. When planning a winter vacation it is good to know how the weather will most affect the activities you are planning on doing. This way, packing will be easier for the activities and the weather. Packing basic and warm is important along with being comfortable in what you choose to take on the trip.

The fashion to wear at the ski lodge or on the slopes is more modern and more comfortable than ever before. Packing for your trip should include one dress suit, at least three or four sweaters, three or four long sleeve shirts, four or five pairs of jeans, either a ski suit or a snowboard suit – this depends on your preference of activity, ski or snowboard boots, boots to keep your feet warm to walk around the lodge in, an extremely warm and comfortable winter coat, and warm under garments. Why do you need these items on your packing list? The answer is simple: it is to be fashionable and warm during your vacation. This simple list of items will help in your comfort and enjoyment of your trip. Some will want to over pack or be over dressed, but this is not a great way to think about packing for your winter vacation. Winter vacations are destinations to a cold climate and the more simple the packing, the more warm and simple the vacation will be.

Reasons for packing certain items such as a dress suit, boots, sweaters, and jeans, is more for going out and enjoying yourself while on your winter vacation. The dress suit is for a romantic evening dinner with the one you love. When on a winter vacation going to a nice restaurant and having a lovely sit down dinner is important for a romantic evening. A fashionable sweater, a pair of jeans, and a pair of boots will make a great everyday winter vacation outfit when just wanting to go out for a day of shopping for souvenirs. Long sleeve shirts and button up shirts are great to pack because they make wonderful layering pieces. Warm under garments will help keep the winter out and help keep you warm and help in avoidance of getting sick. When skiing or snowboarding, having the proper outerwear and under garments will help make both sports more enjoyable. With so many styles and colors to choose from, anyone can be fashionable while on the slopes.

Many will go on winter vacations and will have certain activities you will want to do. Having a plan an organizing your packing list will help in keeping yourself fashionable. Always keep packing simple and you will stay warm throughout your winter vacation. Winter vacations can be a time to refresh yourself. Let your personality shine during winter vacations with a fashionable wardrobe.


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