How to Prepare for a Perfect Ski Holiday


All holiday getaways are a treat. Proper preparation can make the adventure a memorable escape from everyday life. A well-deserved treat makes individuals more productive in the workplace and happier at home. Proper steps beforehand relives stress, allowing relaxation. A ski holiday requires specific planning to pave the way.

  • Time of year is the first consideration for a ski holiday. January is the best month to plan a trip. The best buys are offered during this time. Christmas and New Year’s draw crowds, which leaves January open. March is a good time to plan a jaunt although check to avoid Easter. Late in the month offers sunshine. Sunscreen is necessary.
  • Researching the availability of equipment transfer saves time and money. Many larger airlines offer special ski packages with allow for skis, boots and other gear. Low cost airlines may not offer this service.
  • When driving a vital tip is packing a shovel. Parking is often available but paving a way to the chalet will be DIY.
  • Ski holidays with children are common. Resorts offer an array of classes and all day camps geared to specific age groups. Parents know that a child has a short attention span. There is a chance that a particular child will not take to skiing. A well- balanced curriculum of indoor and outdoor activities should be available.
  • Packing the right clothing is paramount. The time of year matters. January travel will be colder than a March getaway. Layers of light clothing allows for changing conditions. Fashion is a big deal to some when spending a great deal of time in the lodge. For those planning serious time on the slopes dependable waterproof clothing is essential. Choosing a retailer that specializes in outerwear like LL Bean or Columbia Sportswear is a safe choice.
  • Small additions like thermal under-wear, gloves, moisture wicking socks and goggles are frequently forgotten but sorely missed. A checklist can prove instrumental.
  • Rentals are a worthy choice over buying new equipment. It is unlikely that skis will be used more than a couple of times per- year, which is a generous estimation. Rental operations have the most updated products from suppliers. Cost savings and worries can be limited.
  • Dining out or preparing food is up to the traveler. Packing lunch and snacks saves money. It is also a healthier option. Purchased meals are often high in sugar and sodium. Vacationing with other families offers the opportunity to share costs and labor.
  • Each person on the slopes should carry a durable water container.
  • Cellphone service can be spotty on a mountaintop. Old-fashioned methods of communication should be planned. The lodge or chalet offers safety alternatives for guests.

With Twitter, Facebook and the general pace of life with technology, a ski holiday is a perfect retreat. Preparation guarantees relaxation.


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