Original Destinations for the Summer Holiday / Summer Vacation


I am sure that most people love the idea of going to the beach when summer comes and enjoy an amazing holiday under the sun. And the places to go are already pretty standard and you probably think that you don’t have a very wide array of destinations to choose from for your perfect summer vacation. Well, I am here to prove you wrong and to share with you some original destinations for the summer holidays, inspired by an article I read in National Geographic Traveler last year. Because some destinations are simply here to stay!

1. Istria


The westernmost county of Croatia, Istira is a peninsula that is popularly known as Croatia’s Toscana. Although Istria is lesser known as a tourist attraction and vacation spot, I can assure you that it will fit the needs for even the most demanding tourists. There are many places to visit here in order to spend an amazing summer holiday, but I would recommend the small Rovinj city near the Adriatic Sea. Here you will find picturesque houses with small streets and various ways to spend your free time in quality cafeterias, restaurants or simply walking around the city and visiting the old harbor.

2. Muskoka


We’re going to the other side of the globe now to check out Muskoka, a regional municipality situated close to Toronto, Canada (there’s a two hours long ride from Tornoto to this dream summer destination). Considered a true Paradise for any human being, Muskoka greets us with its 1,600 lakes, cascades and granite rocks, all mixed together in landscapes that seem to come from a dream. It’s no surprise that many artists have their vacation homes in this area – it’s truly amazing and a must see, at least once in a lifetime!

3. Patagonia


Situated between Argentina and Chile, this steppelike region is not your usual holiday destination, but that’s exactly the point of this article – to share with you some amazing and original places to spend your summer if you want something new and different. And that’s what you will get here in Patagoina, a region that is still mostly virgin and has some amazing scenery to share with the eye: don’t forget to visit the Torres del Paine national park, or the Los Glaciares with amazing peaks.

4. Cardiff


Wales is the country to visit for a special holiday, especially Cardiff where you can (or, better said, must) visit the Cardiff Castle, the main attraction of the area with it works of art and impressive architecture. You also have here the Llandaff Cathedral, one of the oldest in the world, as well as a bunch of other buildings that have an impressive, classical design. So don’t forget your camera, it’s something you will certainly want to have immortalized in as many photos as possible!

5. Azores

The Archipelago of Azores has nine islands and will most definitely amaze anybody who comes to visit. Part of Portugal, the Azores impress with the specific flora and fauna: you can visit the Lagoa das Sete Cidades, go scuba diving or visit the hot thermal waters in Furnas Tal. Expect to meet whales and dolphins while visiting the Azores and, in the end, expect to consider it an amazing destination spot that you will most likely want to visit in the future.

So, as you can see, there can be a lot more than just the “go to the beach and let the sun burn you” routine for the summer holiday and I think that you owe it to yourself to visit an original, not so common place during your vacation – a bit of diversity and an extra “WOW!!!” factor are guaranteed!

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