Simply Amazing Canyon of Mrtvica: Kapija Želja (Gate of Wishes)


Montenegro is not the place where many would choose to spend their summer holidays, but I must tell you that it is indeed an amazing destination. And even though most would visit Montenegro for spending whole days in the sun, I recommend you visit the Canyon of Mrtvica where you can find the Kapija Želja (Gate of Wishes). If you check out the pictures here, you will immediately understand why you should consider visiting this great place.

The Canyon of Mrtvica is situated in the central parts of Montenegro, 35 km from Kolasin. The mountain river (Mrtvica – try to say that loud three times!) carved his way through the cliffs and they rise up to 1,100 meters high. There are water falls and tons of natural beauties to admire, while the walking path is 12.5 kilometers long. A must see, as you can easily understand after checking out the photos below:

And here is a video of a bit of this amazing natural wonder:

Although not confirmed, I heard that Canyon of Mrtvica and Kapija Želja walking paths are closed to the public because of falling rocks. Hopefully this is false, it would be a real shame not to be able to visit such a heavenly place!

Photos found with Google Image search.


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