The 10 Most Beautiful Subway Stations in the World


When traveling, the latest thing you probably think about is “oh, I will see a beautiful subway station today!” Of course, nobody does, but there are some particular cases where you should really be looking forward to visiting a subway station. We have done some research and came up with a list of the 10 most beautiful subway stations in the world – and no matter how hard this is to believe, it was actually pretty difficult to select just 10 because there are some awesome metro stations in this world.

So check out these great Subway stations below and make sure that you put them on the “to see” list when you visit the cities they’re located in!

10. Museum Subway Station

10 museum subway station canada

Where? Toronto, Canada

9. Slavyansky Bulvar Station

09 Slavyansky Bulvar Station

Where? Moscow, Russia

8. O’Hare Station

08 ohare station

Where? Chicago, US

7. Munich Subway Stations

07 germany metro

Where? Anywhere in a Subway Station in Munich, Germany. Each one is colorful and bright and happy and absolutely beautiful!

6. Zoloti Vorota Station


Where? Kiev, Ukraine

5. Kiyevskaya Station

05 kievskaya moscow

Where? Moscow, Russia

4. Formosa Boulevard Station

04 Kaohsiung Station

Where? Kaohsiung, Taiwán

3. Stadium Station

03 stockholm subway

Where? Stockholm, Sweden

2. Rådhuset Station

02 Radhuset

Where? Stockholm, Sweden

1. Toledo Metro Art Station

01 toledo metro

Where? Naples, Italy

So Europe seems to be, for now, the place where most of these beautiful subway stations can be found and I would sure love to see the ones in Sweden!

What about you? Have you seen a metro station which was so beautiful that you simply couldn’t believe it?


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