The Glow Worm Caves of Waitomo Are Pretty Freaky


As a country, you won’t brag too much about the exclusivity of your glow worms, but that’s what New Zealand has and the results are pretty impressive, as you can see for yourself in the images below of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

What you see is not some kind of magic, not even special effects: these are the Waitomo caves in New Zealand where a species of glowworms inhabits the tunnels and creates the magnificent view. Arachnocampa luminosa is the name of these worms (and again they sound more like a spell from Harry Potter) and they can only be found in New Zealand. No wonder that the Waitomo Glowworm Caves have become a popular tourist attraction in the mean time, so check out the amazing photos below if you’re in search of a different, wormy tourist destination:

waitomo glow worm cave 2

waitomo glow worm cave 1

Glow worms, Waitomo Caves

(last photo by chris.murphy)

Well, at least the good news about this worms is that they can’t go unnoticed so no worries about one crawling into your backpack!


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