These Are the Best Hiking Trails in Australia


For serious hikers, Australia has many scenic trails: the country boasts nature not found anywhere else on Earth, so an Australian Hiking adventure is like no other. For many, hiking and visiting another country is the first step in deciding to relocate. And, hiking in the Outback or even a daily urban hike, through the cities, allows the adventurer a well rounded view of the country.

In this article we’re going to share with you the best hiking spots in Australia, as well as some extra details you need to know in case you want to make this beautiful country your new home or home base to keep exploring it and the cheap nearby countries in SE Asia (in Thailand, for example, you can still live on $500 per month!).

No, without further ado, let’s check out the best Australian hiking spots you will absolutely enjoy! Since there are so many options for hiking in Australia, here are a few of the most scenic trails:

Overland Track in Tasmania. This is a multi-day hiking venue that has to be booked with the Parks and Wildlife Service. The 65-kilometer, six-day hike goes through Lake St. Clair National Park and Cradle Mountain. You can hike alone or via a guided tour, but prepare for the experience of a lifetime. It’s an absolutely amazing process and experience!

– In the Northern Territory there is Larapinta Trail. This offers rugged terrain, springs, and gorges. Choose between six days or a 12-day, end-to-end hike. Another hike that you must do while in Australia if you’re serious about hiking!

– If you are curious to see the limestone sea stacks and shipwrecks up close, then Victoria’s 104-kilometer Great Ocean Walk provides beaches, sand dunes, and forests. Shuttles are an option if you get tired.

– Alternate hiking, horseback riding, and guided walks through Six Foot Track in New South Wales. Caves and mountain views are in this expansive wilderness.

– Western Australia offers Cape to Cape Walk, a 7-day walk through beaches, cliffs, and along the coast. Guided group tours and transportation is available.

For beginning to intermediate hikers, one-day adventures are available:

– There is Kosciuszko Walk in New South Wales, meandering through streams, toward the Snowy River.

– The Northern Territory features Kings Canyon Rim Walk. Despite the 500-step climb, once up it is completely flat with expansive views of red rock cliffs and dome-like structures.

– Walking through Sydney Harbor National Park provides a serene view of Forty Baskets Beach leading to the famous Manly To The Spit Bridge.

These are some of many hikes in Australia and the best ones, in my opinion. If you’re not a regular hiker, then definitely go for the one day recommendations, then slowly move to the multiple day ones that will prove to be absolutely unforgettable experiences!


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