Top Five Scariest Places in the US

Need a rest?

Being scared is unique to each individual. Urban myths become realities as they are told through generations. Cemeteries, abandoned buildings, noises, darkness… There are places in the US that insight fright. And since Halloween is coming, there couldn’t be any better time to check out the top five scariest places in the US… in case you’re planning a trip there, you know?

Buffalo, New York

Bethlehem Steel... inviting?
Bethlehem Steel… inviting?

New York is a large state. Buffalo is the antithesis of cosmopolitan New York City. It was popular in a bygone era when it was one of the country‚Äôs most populous cities. The city has a strong Native American heritage. Ghosts are said to occupy nearby Grand Island and Christ the King Chapel at Canisius College. The factory gates to defunct Bethlehem Steel cover miles of lakefront. Nearby residents often hear rusted gates open and close. If you think you’re courageous enough, grab a flashlight and prepare a trip there this Halloween. After dark.

St. Augustine, Florida

Spooky lighthouse is spooky at night
Spooky lighthouse is spooky at night

The lighthouse in St. Augustine is rumored to be haunted by a woman and her three daughters. They died on the premises under mysterious circumstances while the structure was being built. Whether true or not, people visit the site daily. Ghost sightings are regularly reported and the place does give you the chills at night even though for somebody unfamiliar with the lighthouse’s story, it might look pretty charming.

Louisville, Kentucky

Need a rest?
Need a rest?

The number of rundown sanatoriums, which have ceased operation cause chills. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Historical Society hosts ghost tours. Many residents suffered painful and prolonged deaths here. Apparently, their ghosts never left. Visitors are offered the opportunity to spend a full night in one of the patient rooms. I would really pass on that, but it’s up for you to decide if you’d do the same.

Salem, Oregon

04 oregon hospital
Unlike Salem Massachusetts, which is known for the witch trials, Salem Oregon has a more subtle connection to spirits. The state hospital housed the criminally deranged for years. The building still stand decrepit in Salem. Paranormal enthusiasts flock to the area and report hearing horrifying groans. Unclaimed bodies from the hospital were cremated and buried nearby. Combined with unhappy Native American spirits, Salem Oregon is a scary place.

San Jose, California

Looks like a fairy tale house, right?
Looks like a fairy tale house, right?

Technology is associated with this area. It is the Winchester House, however, that draws numbers of ghost hunters. Mrs. Winchester built on to the house for over 35 years. She was motivated to do so by haunting spirits. The house reveals secret rooms and staircases leading nowhere. Tours are open to the public on days as Friday the 13 and Halloween. They are led by flashlight only. So, with Halloween so close, this is your chance to check this spooky place out.

And here you have them – the five scariest places in the US. For the ultimate experience, go there alone. If you dare.


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