Trip Advisor Presents The Best of 2012: Hotels and Destinations


Popular travel site Trip Advisor (and the place you must visit before paying for a hotel or vacation) has revealed their Traveler’s Choice awards for 2012 for hotels and destinations. So if you want to know which are the best of the best in the world, based on millions of votes from people all around the world, you must check out the Traveler’s Choice awards 2012 and be prepared to be amazed.

Therefore, we can find here the Top 25 lists for best hotels from all over the world (divided in regions and popular countries), awards for best bargains, trendiest hotels or the most luxuriant places you could visit if you have a big wallet.

Also, Trip Advisor shares in their Traveler’s Choice for 2012 the best destinations in the major countries, in case you still haven’t decided where to go, best hotels for romance or best hotels for families. In a nutshell, here you can find all the information about the best places to visit. And for any travel freak, this list is a must.

Or maybe if you have your holiday planned and paid for already you shouldn’t check out the list: maybe you’ll feel a little sad if your hotel didn’t make the list. Mine didn’t.


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