What You Really Must See in Your Lifetime: Pamukkale, Turkey


Pamukkale is like a dream come true. You hear about it, you read about it, you see the photos before visiting and still, when you get there, you are amazed. Pamukkale is like a spell, like a dream, like a new wonder of the world in the making. And if you decide to choose Turkey as your travel destination, you must visit Pamukkale no matter what!

Pamukkale means cotton castle in Turkish and you’ll understand why as soon as you see it: the entire place looks like something made entirely of cotton (and crystal clear, blue water). A cotton castle, even though you could easily consider it made completely out of ice. One of our younger companions certainly thought so before setting foot in the hot thermal waters of Pamukkale.

According to Wikipedia, Pamukkale’s terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by water from the hot springs and there are no less than 17 hot thermal water springs that give Pamukkale the unique feeling: no matter when you visit, the water will be hot and the experience, at least visually, amazing.

And this is the reason why you have to visit Pamukkale, no matter what, when you go to Turkey. I could go as far as saying that you haven’t seen anything during your vacation in Turkey unless you saw this amazing World Wonder. Because Turkey is not a place you should visit to buy fake designer items or cheap gold, it is a country you should visit for the amazing All Inclusive 5 star resorts and for Pamukkale.

Check out some more photos of Pamukkale below and excuse the quality – I am far from being an expert when it comes to photo editing, but I have a photo of a beautiful woman visiting Pamukkale to make you forgive me for this:

So, when planning a trip or an entire holiday to Turkey, make sure you put “visit Pamukkale” at the top of the list!


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